Paul Sanders

Paul started as a black and white printer, became a fashion photographer, and moved into media, working for various newspapers and Reuters, before becoming Picture Editor at The Times. This intense, high-pressure job involved reviewing 20,000 images every day, which led Paul to suffer stress, depression, insomnia and anxiety, resulting in a nervous breakdown and leaving the newspaper.

As part of his recovery, Paul explored becoming aware of his emotions, vulnerabilities, and growth through seeing them in flowers. He studied flowers for a long time, fascinated by their curves, lines, fragility and strength and came through these dark days by finding himself, his struggles and emotions reflected in flowers. Minor White said that every image we make is a self-portrait, and Paul is convinced this is true; they reflect his story and his spiritual and emotional connection with the world. His images are a personal narrative, as they show the flowers’ struggle with life, frailty, stress, and exhaustion. They express Paul’s story without the need to write or talk about mental health.

Paul uses simple photographic techniques to reflect his calm. “Photography is about the relationship between the photographer and the subject.” He firmly believes in the value of prints as the way to fully appreciate them. “Our photographs are the legacy we leave future generations, so they can see and feel our way of life, our social and economic fabric and the deep connection we as individuals experienced with the world around us.”

Paul has exhibited widely in the UK, Europe and Japan, and has been recognized as a leading photographer by Fujifilm and by suppliers of photographic equipment.