René Algesheimer

René Algesheimer is a German photographer who lives in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. He studied mathematics and music and now teaches as a professor and researcher at the University of Zurich. There he is the director of the Center of Excellence for Social Networks, where he researches social influence, values, and sustainability using mathematical methods and algorithms. With his special background in science, the arts and his interest in the philosophy of life, he gives his photographic projects a unique depth that visually captivates the viewer, but also intellectually invites them to delve deeper into the subject matter and engage with the image. Press coverage of René has been substantial in Frames, Elements, OnLandscape Magazine, and MediumFormat. He has achieved recognition and won international awards for his photography. René is the brain behind and editor of the book “Voice of the Eyes.

René’s photography is a poetic and allegorical medium: a means of discovering the enduring connections between the macrocosm and the microcosm. In his pictures, he portrays the very large with the very small. His landscapes combine broader, higher structures with more intimate forms of a lower order.

They reflect visual connections. Only through the interaction of microstructures can holistic structures emerge. On the other hand, the context, the big picture, also exerts an influence on how microstructures can develop on a small scale. René presents nature as a fragile and enduring beauty.

René is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of “Ikigai,” a purified form of beauty and truth, a kind of raison d’être. Using a visual language informed by minimal art and the ink-painted pine trees of Tohaku Hasegawa, he focuses on reduced simple, geometric, primary structures, so that viewers may interpret his photographs with the essence of what they are about.

René’s photographs show a living world in transition, which exists for fleeting moments in time—preserving a memory of the landscapes.