Monochrome Perspectives.

July 2022

Taunus Foto Galerie welcomes Rachael Talibart, the next photographer in our series Monochrome Perspectives.

Rachael is a professional seascape and coastal photographer whose critically acclaimed photographs have been featured in the press worldwide. Her nautical childhood left her with a life-long love for the ocean and the coast. Rachael is drawn to the coast in the wildest weather and is both frightened and fascinated by the sea. “It makes small, unimportant things of us all, yet, at the same time, it is exhilarating and profoundly life affirming.”

Rachael’s Sirens series embodies hidden figures that seem to emerge from the water. Inspired by Homer’s Odyssey, Rachael gives each image the name of a mythological god or goddess. Sirens has won a series of international awards and been featured in many international publications.

Images by Daniel Dencescu, Michelle Magdalena Maddox, Oliver Miller and Roman Loranc remain on display.

Daniel Dencescu is showing his images of starling murmurations, for which he won the Minimalist Photographer of the Year 2022 award. These are elegant dances in the sky, a huge choreography that changes in a split second. They gather in huge flocks to seek shelter from their enemies, such as the peregrine falcon.

Michelle Magdalena Maddox connects femininity with nature. Her Milk series is a symbol for being a woman. It evokes motherhood and care, confidence and life force.

“Magnolia” was shot under a 400-year-old cypress tree at 7am and Michelle had found a giant magnolia blossom. The model is 2 meters tall; the gigantic flower almost dwarfs her figure and presents a fairy-like quality to the image; a humbling to nature and a graceful adoration of its beauty and ours.

Roman Loranc features some of his most celebrated works from three decades of California landscape photography. From his wistful reed images in Central Valley to his impressive landscape portraits of Mt. Shasta, the spectacular volcanic mountain in Northern California.

Oliver Miller has previously displayed the monochrome North Sea series CIRCULAR DYNAMICS at Taunus Foto Galerie, and is currently showing his fascinating cloud studies from the North Sea coast; snapshots of a constantly changing and short-lived choreography of wind, light and shadow during wintry sunsets on the beaches of Amrum and St. Peter-Ording.

In addition to Daniel Dencescu, Michelle Magdalena Maddox, Roman Loranc and Oliver Miller, other photographers will complete the MONOCHROME PERSPECTIVES series in the coming months, including Konrad Bartelski, Anthony Lamb, Paul Sanders, Rachael Talibart. Look forward to the coming months with a new series of very special black and white photographs.

The exclusive and strictly limited works of these artists are available in different sizes at Taunus Foto Galerie.